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The Art of Bigging Oneself Up

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Why is it so incredibly awkward to talk about our own achievements and successes? Or tell people about our talents and skills without adding a self-deprecating ‘oh I’m not a professional’ or ‘it’s not as good as so-and so’s work’? When someone asks if you have a website or business card your face goes red, your palms start to sweat, you look down at the ground and mumble ‘erm… yes… erm… sorry… here’s my c-c-c-card’ *pulls a dog-eared business card out of pocket*… ‘yep… ok, sorry, bye’ *shuffles off in the wrong direction, apologises, smiles, looks at the floor, shuffles off in the direction of the nearest bar/ cake shop to berate oneself for being an awkward buffoon*.

Obviously there are people out there who are loud and proud about the things they do and rightly so, but I for one am definitely rather shy when it comes to self-promotion. I do have my own little business/creative enterprise aside from my blog, but I do the bare minimum when it comes to sharing or promoting it. The same is true of my blog. I do the odd Instagram post and share it on my personal Facebook page for my friends (you guys!) to read if you want to, but I really don’t push it or get involved with marketing stuff. I mean, I used to, years ago, when I had my first blog and made things under a different name but these days I’m quite quiet about the whole thing- I like writing and I like making things and if someone wants to find me and read my words or buy my crafts then that’s lovely and it makes me very happy- it’s as simple as that. But sometimes I think it would be good for me to up my game. When it comes to other people though, I’m the Queen of shouting from the rooftops about the amazing things they can do and the services they offer.

Take my beautiful friend Nicola. She had a very steady, long term career in childcare and put it on hold to fulfill her dream of setting up her own business. She now runs Hebbie’s Hounds Dog Walking Service and is doing the thing she loves most in the world. She’s just as self-deprecating as I am and I can guarantee she is blushing as she reads this… Nicola, you are incredible and that’s all there is to it.

Then there’s my gorgeous Catherine. She took the very brave step of setting up Brass Bee Marketing, her own freelance marketing agency earlier this year and is doing really, really well writing copy, magicking up marketing strategies and SEO-ing like a girl boss… she’s basically a superstar and even if she doesn’t know it, I definitely do.

Onto darling Katie, who runs the Blooming Beautiful Workshop. Again, she was ridiculously brave and left her long-term career to retrain as a florist and make beautiful bouquets and show other people how to make gorgeous floral creations in her workshops. AMAZING WOMAN.

Then there are the working from home ladies- the ones with careers and children and illnesses to manage, who are trying their best to earn extra money and build self-confidence. Lucy of Goddess Glamour, Emma of Sparkle Defenders and Sam of Banana Piranha, I’m talking to you three wonder women.

And what about all my creative pals, the makers and creators who have little Etsy shops and sewing schools and photography businesses and tables at home where they make things and write things and quietly beaver away? You know who you are and I think you’re all super brilliant and talented.

My friends joke about me being the ‘agent to the stars’ because they know I will tell everyone about them and their ventures… need help with social media? I know someone. You want a dog-walker or sitter? I got you covered. Looking for a hairdresser, a seamstress, a freelance writer, a photographer, a fashion designer, a handyman, a Lithuanian builder? Lemme hook you up. And I will hook you up, because I love, love, luh-uve promoting other people! I do it on the daily at St Leonards-by-the-Sea… it’s my page where I shout about all the things everybody does in our little seaside town. I mean, it’s not a business… just a page… well, two pages… a FB group and an Instagram page… and as of just now, the Mean Guys and Girls Club… but, it’s pretty good… I think… so I’m told… EEK.

So, in the spirit of being a bit braver when it comes to bigging myself up… here’s what I ‘do’… I make pretty little things at Deer and Fawn, my cute as a button little Etsy shop. I’ve been making, buying and selling for years, but it’s mainly through word of mouth rather than by promotion. I don’t do craft fairs. I don’t teach workshops (I have been asked to do both many times)… I just like to be at home, in my ‘studio’, which is basically a corner of my front room with an old table I painted, a fly tipped turquoise chair my mum found me and my sewing machine.

It’s about this time of year that my house begins to resemble a chaotic haberdashery with bits of felt and cotton and pins and paper and glue and sparkly things flying around and I start to look like a mad professor, with bits of fabric, fluff and cotton stuck to my clothes and a crazy gleam in my eye as I get busy with new ideas and makes (I have three zooming around as we speak… but I must finish writing first!). I’ve recently added a ‘shop’ section on The Hush, so that you can buy my most popular makes after you’ve read my words, if you want to that is. My main selling page is Etsy, through which I have a very exciting commission coming up, which I’m not quite ready to share yet… but I will soon, I promise. It really is very exciting though. So exciting in fact that I decided to design some business cards. I am a Girl Boss after all, and all Girl Bosses should be ready with business cards.

You can find Deer and Fawn on Instagram and Twitter.

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