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Lady Emma: Never Knowingly Underfragranced

Emma Iwanciw, or Lady Emma as those of us lucky enough to know her called her, was, in her own words ,'Lady of the Manor, social media celebrity and all round fabulous person!' Two years ago today, my dear, dear friend Emma died, very suddenly. Those two years have gone by so quickly, but Emma is still very much in my thoughts and prayers and always will be. Special people deserve to be remembered, which is why I wrote a post dedicated to her on my old blog, which is coming over to The Hush so that she has a place in the spotlight once again, where she belongs.

February 17th 2016

This morning my darling friend Lady Emma passed away, very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was only 33 years old. Her life was just becoming exciting; she had plans and dreams and we are all just devastated that she is gone. I don’t have much experience of death and therefore it’s difficult to know how I’m meant to feel, but someone once told me that when someone dies too soon, suddenly or very young, that God must have needed them urgently for a special reason. I believe this has to be true in Emma’s case as she was so very, very special. I didn’t know Emma for very long really, but we were kindred spirits. We ‘got’ each other. I wish you could have known her like I did; she was funny, witty, kind, generous and was one of the best, most loyal people I knew. We bonded over blogging, of all things. I have a blog and she wanted to start one. And so I encouraged her to do it, because that’s what I do best, I encourage and try and help people. I believe that Emma was sent to me so that I could help her and in turn, she enriched my life enormously, just by being who she was.

I remember the first time I met Lady Emma, at a So Sasha event. In walks Lady E, this larger than life character, whom I’d heard so much about from Sasha and just couldn’t wait to get to know. We introduced ourselves and that was it; we became friends. I think she was impressed that I curtseyed to her and called her Lady Emma! Naturally I’d curtesy and treat her with the utmost respect; the lady rocked a tiara and fur coat like no other! The second week, we sat on the sofa together and talked. I remember looking at her and saying ‘I believe that this *wagging my fingers from me to her* is a thing, like, I know we’re going to be friends’ and she smiled at me and agreed. I believe that she needed me as much as I needed her, that we were going to be good for each other and do great things. She had so many plans, she just needed to find that little bit of confidence to begin. I told everyone about her, about how funny she was and how special, then I informed her that I was taking the position of PR to Lady Emma. I even put it on my Twitter bio, which she loved. Go look, it's there, I’m not taking it down. Lots of people have congratulated me on my ‘new job’… which we both found highly amusing. Lexie, PR to the Stars. She loved that one.

Emma told me about her life and about her weekly Friday night hair appointments, or 'seeing to's' as she referred to them. Her hairdresser was the person who started the whole ‘Lady Emma’ thing, when he introduced her to the wide world as ‘Lady Emma’ on one of his promotional salon videos. Go have a look for yourselves, they're a hoot. Her hashtags, which summed up Emma's humour perfectly, were particularly mirthful! #ladyemmasbigblow #ladyemmasbigfinish #ladyemmasbigring

Emma was a real Lady. No, honestly, she was! She was gifted the title on her birthday one year, but kept it a secret until one day she told her hairdresser, who referred to her as Lady Emma from that day forward. And Lady Emma she became. It opened up her world. 'Lady Emma' was who she had always felt like inside, but just hadn’t had the confidence to become, until she was thrust her into the limelight through her tongue-in-cheek promotional videos.

Jolly hair was the aim for Lady Emma. She had a plan to post an end of year collage of all of the hairstyles she had accumulated on her blog. The ‘jollier’ the better. Below is a selection of Lady E's hairstyles for you to peruse and marvel at... which she wanted you all to see on her own blog, which would have been absolutely fabulous. (Lady Emma, I hope I've done them justice and you're smiling! I am your PR after all and I told you I'd get you out there!) Emma had a particular penchant for Swarovski crystals and Jo Malone fragrances. She gave me all of her old Jo Malone boxes, which those who know me will realise is the most exciting gift in the world. I love a good bit of packaging. I even put one of the poorly mice that Jessie and Juno brought me in one of  the boxes to take to the vet, who thought it was brilliant.

I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason and I am so very grateful and privileged to have known this wonderful woman for the short time that I did. She has had a huge impact on my life and I will remember her and miss her always. Sleep well my darling Lady Emma. You were loved, treasured and you mattered to all of us. I hope you knew that and that I told you enough times for you to really believe it. I hope this post goes far and wide, so that everyone can see how truly splendid you were. Now you have a whole post dedicated just to you, where everyone will see your jolly hair styles. Bask in the spotlight my darling, you deserve it.

Beautiful Lady Emma, on her last visit to the Salon, hair professionally blown and made-up exquisitely <3

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