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Deer and Fawn A Brand Story

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Branding is something I really, really love to sink my teeth into- I think my favourite part of a business journey is the website design, logos and creating the feel of a brand. What does your business say about you? What do people think when they see your logo? Are you ubercool and ultra sophisticated? The trendiest of thoroughly modern hipsters? Or a super cute chatty Cathy who wears pin badges and denim jackets? I’m definitely the latter- I couldn’t be ubercool and sophisticated if you paid me. I’m too… erm… anxious? Clumsy? Socially awkward? Open and honest about literally everything? I’m so not the mysterious and aloof type, so can’t possibly ever be described as ubercool. I’m not even the trendy type. Although I do have maybe one or two outfits that I feel really trendy in… but mostly I’m wearing clothes that I can walk my dog in… and wellies, pink Crocs wellies. So not trendy in the slightest. Just muddy. And wearing Crocs.

Deer and Fawn started as Fig and Fawn… and if we’re going right back it began as Tickety Blue, the first incarnation of my brand. My blog at the time was called Those Words She Wrote. Remember in my last post when I said I got involved in all the Twitter chats and did the whole blogging thing properly? It was with that blog, not this one. I had a blogging-and-making-things break for a while when I split up with an old boyfriend and things got a bit nasty and cray-cray and I didn’t feel very safe laying my life on the table anymore. All my blogging-and-making-things joy had gone… but it came back and I created The Hush and Deer and Fawn, which are much less frenetic and more ‘me’. I’m really not a frenetic person… I’m more slow and sleepy sloth.

Originally Deer and Fawn was a joint venture with my Mum- we were buying and selling vintage clothes and bits and pieces, as well as my handmade stuff. Deer was my Mum and Fawn was me- which we thought was pretty cute- I asked the lady who had done my Those Words She Wrote logos to design me a few more for Deer and Fawn and St Leonards-by-the-Sea and that my friends, is how the utterly adorable Deer and Fawn logo came to be. I’m so chuffed with it- with all of my logos. They’re just so right for me and my… erm… online presence. Well, the Girl Boss logo is literally me. I drew it and Carly (the designer) created it for me from my drawing.

We did have a Deer and Fawn website, but I closed it down as most of our sales came through Etsy and it seemed a waste of money to have a whole site dedicated to selling when hardly anything sold… I’m still gutted about that site as it was so darn gorgeous. I loved designing it- it had a special little Spotify playlist of all my favourite old music so you could listen as you shopped. Sigh. Recently though (by recently I mean last week!) I added a shop page to The Hush- I didn’t want two websites, I don’t need them… but I like the idea of having a little bit of Deer and Fawn on my website as it’s such a massive part of me. I anticipate most of my sales will still come from Etsy and word of mouth, but I like having a little part of Deer and Fawn at The Hush too.

Deer and Fawn 2019 is just me making my pretty stars, angels, bunting, crowns and wands and occasionally selling a Laura Ashley dress or a vintage collectible- I love it. I love it because I made it. I created it. I love The Hush too for the same reason. It’s all mine and I’m really proud of that- I hope if you read my blogs and posts and see my logos etc, you get a sense of who I am and what’s important to me- my family, my home, friends, kindness, helping others, humour and authenticity. And if I’ve conveyed those things then I’m happy.

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