Who Writes The Hush?

Just an ordinary girl, with Moomin cheeks and baby rabbit hair, who lives by the sea and likes to write and make things.


The Hush is my quiet space. The salty air on my face when I walk along the beach. The dew drops on the grass under my wellies when I take my dog, Polly, to the park. The well thumbed notebooks filled with words and lists and drawings. The smell of my nephew's soft red hair and velvety little boy skin. The book in my hand and Jessie and Juno, my cats, curled up next to me.

Some things about me:

  • I have a penchant for Shreddies with hot soya milk. Often for dinner.

  • I am obsessed with dr pimple popper. It's an open secret.

  • I'm on an eco journey and use sustainable products as much as possible.

  • I can cook, I just don't very often. I can bake. I just don't very often.

  • I wear wellies everyday.

  • I've always loved puppets. The dark crystal, labyrinth, the muppets, sooty and sweep, orvil and emu... the best. 

  • I'm a dedicated home-bod and try not to leave if at all possible.

  • I'm crazy about gardens. gardens are my favourite.

  • I have nine pairs of dungarees and too many Breton tops to count.

  • I have 84 million books. Or thereabouts. 

  • i want to be a larkin. The Darling Buds of May is the dream.
  • barbara good is my role model.
  • I treasure anything anyone gives me as a gift. I'm the easiest person in the world to buy for, apparently.

  • i am a seaside girl and so is my dog. our favourite place is the beach at low tide, whatever the weather.

Things I'll most likely be ruminating on:

  • Books. I read a lot. And, you know, 84 million books.

  • Anxiety and Mental Health. I'm a fully paid up member of the club.

  • Places. I love a daytrip. Gardens may feature heavily.

  • Wellbeing. I'm a work in progress and could do with some company on the journey. Any tips and tricks welcome.

  • eco-living and sustainable products.

  • things i make at deer and fawn.

  • Life at home. There's nowhere I'd rather be.

Occasionally you'll find my musings on the Honeycomb Blog, as well as the words of some other super duper writey types.

If you really want to find me elsewhere, I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads. If you follow me then you will get to know and love my beloved pooch- You can find Polly on InstagrAM TOO, COS SHE'S AN EXCEPTIONALLY PHOTOGENIC INSTADOG. And if you want to know the goings on in my little town you best follow my other project St Leonards-by-the-sea.

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Lexie X

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